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Dental Health Resources

Here, our Mill Woods dentists and team share helpful resources, tips and advice for your dental health.

Who's At Risk For A Dental Emergency?

A person's lifestyle along with their medical and dental history can actually contribute to their risk of sustaining a dental emergency. Our Mill Woods dentists outline some of these factors for you. 

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Dental Emergency While Playing Sports

If you sustain a dental emergency while playing sports, it can be quite painful. Our Mill Woods dentists discuss common athletic injuries and how you can prevent them.

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Signs Of A Possible Tooth Extraction

Toothaches can be common but at what point does this indicate the need for a tooth extraction? Our Mill Woods dentists list some of the signs your tooth might need to be pulled.

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What To Do If You Have A Tooth Knocked Out

If you've lost a tooth due to trauma, this is considered to be a dental emergency. If you find yourself in this situation, our Mill Woods are here to tell you what you can do while you wait to see your dentist.

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What is considered a dental emergency?

Going through a dental emergency can be a very emotional time as well as physically uncomfortable. Today, our Mill Woods dentists list common dental emergencies so you know when to contact your dentist.

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4 Common Myths About Tooth Extraction

The thought of having a tooth pulled might be scary due to misinformation, but our Mill Woods dentists are here to tell you about the common myths that might put your mind at ease.

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How to Deal With a Dental Emergency at Home

When a dental emergency happens at home, what do you do? You'll likely be scared and in pain. The best thing to do is to call our Mill Woods dentist’s office immediately and see a dentist as soon as possible. 

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What Happens When You Don't Have Dental Insurance

Dental care is key to our overall physical health, but some of us don’t have dental insurance that pays for routine cleanings, exams, procedures and emergencies. If this is the case for you, our Mill Woods dentists offer advice on what you can do.

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5 Things to Do When You Have a Dental Emergency

What should you do if you're experiencing a dental emergency? Our Mill Woods provide some words of advice on how to reduce pain - and potentially help your oral health - until you can see a dentist.

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My teeth hurt. Should I go to the dentist?

Do your teeth hurt? Are you wondering if you should see a dentist? Our Mill Woods dentists discuss some signs that indicate an emergency.

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