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Your oral health is a part of your overall health. Here at Southwood Dental we strive to help you achieve your best dental health. When you come to our office, your dental checkup will include:

  • an oral cancer screening to ensure all of your tissues on the inside and outside of your mouth are healthy and disease free
  • x-rays and a visual exam to help diagnose any problems with your teeth, gums or underlying bone
  • a comprehensive treatment plan that fits your dental needs

We want you to be involved in making decisions about your dental health. Because of this, we will spend the time going over what your mouth is showing us, what treatment options are available, and help you make the most informed decision regarding your oral health. Our team is also dedicated to help you to understand your dental insurance coverage and minimize out of pocket expenses.


Why are dental cleanings important? It is because the buildup around your teeth, also known to your dental team as plaque and calculus, can lead to cavities, bone loss, infections and can affect your overall health.

When you come in for your cleaning, our dental hygienists will not only scale and polish your teeth, but they will also evaluate and make sure you are informed about the health of your gums and bone that supports every tooth. We also want to make sure you leave with the tools and techniques you need to effectively take care of your teeth at home.

Every person’s mouth is unique so the state of your oral health will determine how often you should come back to see our dental hygienists.


Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and most of the time when you least expect it. You may be experiencing a severe toothache, a broken tooth or a large swelling on the inside or outside of your mouth.

When you have a dental emergency, call us immediately at Southwood Dental. Getting you out of pain is our top priority. We offer same day appointments and will always accommodate walk-ins. Our office is conveniently located in Millwoods and with our extended hours, we can help you out. View our hours, phone number, and location here


Extractions are needed when your tooth is beyond repair and cannot be saved. Sometimes it is because you have too large of a cavity that we can’t fix your tooth, you have a severely cracked tooth, or you have wisdom teeth that are impacted or bothering you. Extractions may also be needed if you are considering partial or full dentures.


A crown, which is a cap for your tooth, is needed when a tooth has been significantly weakened due to a large cavity, has a large filling that is starting to break down, or has had a root canal. Crowns help your tooth from breaking in the future and they can be made up of many different materials including porcelain, zirconia or gold.

A bridge replaces missing teeth. It involves placing a crown behind and in front of the space that is missing a tooth and joining them together. Not all areas where teeth are missing are good areas to place a bridge, especially if the space is very large or if the adjacent teeth have shifted.


Fillings are needed when teeth have cavities or if a tooth is broken. We remove the decay from your tooth and restore it back into function.

A lot of people think a filling is a permanent fix for a tooth. Although it can be, you can still get a cavity around a filling. To ensure your fillings or other work you’ve had done lasts as long as it can, be sure to effectively brush and floss your teeth to keep them at their best.


A root canal is required when you have an infection or extensive damage within your tooth. It may present as a constant tooth ache, a broken tooth, or a very deep cavity. A root canal is performed in order to allow you to save your tooth.

When a root canal is done, we are taking out the nerve of the tooth and cleaning out the chambers down to the end of the root, which is the source of your discomfort. After we finish the procedure a filling or a crown will be placed to help strengthen your tooth and restore its function and cosmetics.


Partial Dentures are a removable option of replacing many teeth. Before we decide if partial dentures are a good option for you, we first need to make sure all of your remaining teeth are strong enough to support this type of prosthesis. After that, we take an impression of your mouth and we send that off to a dental lab to make your partial denture.

Once you have a partial denture it is very important to keep all of your remaining teeth clean and disease free so coming for regular dental cleanings and checkups is essential.

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