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We believe everyone should have access to quality dental care, that’s why we offer transparent care that is conservatively priced.

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    We prioritize your oral health and that means our emergency services are easily available at your convenience.
  • Same-day Emergency Appointments
    We are more than willing to help you with your dental problems. Give us a call and book a same-day emergency appointment.
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    We believe that every individual deserves a high-quality dental service regardless of financial capability or status. Thus, we provide dental services at an affordable rate. We follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide, making your dental care affordable.

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No one can predict emergency situations. Dental emergencies may strike at the most unexpected times and on the most inconvenient days.
The good thing is our contact number is always open in attending to your emergency dental needs. You may access our emergency team virtually at any time. Here at Southwood Dental in Edmonton, we are bound to provide you with the utmost care and service that you deserve. Your oral health is our priority and we are here to listen to your concerns.
We are here for you! Let us return your wonderful smile! Contact us to book an emergency dental appointment.

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Dental emergencies are unexpected and it does not choose any day or time. It is essential to seek the assistance of an emergency dentist near you.
Worry no more! Southwood Dental in Edmonton is here to cater to your dental needs. Our emergency dentists are committed to providing you with satisfying, safe, convenient, and affordable dental services. Your oral health matters to us. We want to bring back your confident smile!
It is our pleasure to serve you. Contact 780-450-1639 and book an appointment at a flexible schedule, including weekends!


The excessive discomfort and pain in your mouth require emergency dental assistance. Do not leave it untreated. To see a list of common dental emergencies below:
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An intense toothache may indicate an irritated nerve surrounding the tooth or bigger dental problems that require urgent action. Toothache can cause extreme displeasure that may lead to serious oral health problems.
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Tooth Fracture

A tooth fracture can cause excruciating pain and disturbance. Causes of a fractured tooth may come from teeth grinding, sports injury, or accident.
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Lost Filling and Crown Repair

Losing a crown is a painful experience. It can interfere with your daily routine. Visit us and we will replace your lost crown with a new one.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is the swelling of jaws that may be caused by a toothache, sinus problems, infection, or allergies. We’ll examine the issue and provide the right treatment for you.

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If you’re experiencing pain or need emergency dental services, please call us directly at 780-450-1639 as this ensures that we can get you in right away.
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