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5 Benefits Of Partial Denture

5 Benefits Of Partial Denture

When most people think about dentures, they imagine having to replace all of their top or lower teeth. You can, however, get partial dentures. One or more missing teeth are replaced using this option. A partial denture, unlike full dentures, is created up of a plate made of plastic or a combination of metal and plastic materials that sits on top of your gums. This device holds your artificial teeth in place and is held in place by clasps that fit around surrounding teeth. Southwood Dental collaborates closely with its patients to develop the greatest tooth replacement choices. Here are five advantages of partial dentures if you have numerous missing teeth:


  1. They’re used to replace lost teeth.


The possibility of replacing a few missing teeth is the most obvious reason for choosing partial dentures. Our staff frequently suggests this approach when you have three or more missing teeth in your mouth. That’s not all, though. Partial dentures can also replace missing teeth on both sides of your mouth.


  1. They help you regain your ability to speak and chew.


We frequently undervalue the importance of having good teeth. However, even a single missing tooth can cause problems with how your mouth functions, such as speaking and chewing. Partial dentures are a less invasive and uncomplicated way to replace lost teeth, allowing you to reclaim function and confidence in your mouth.


  1. They keep your jaw structure and aesthetics in good shape.


It’s tempting to think of missing teeth as merely an aesthetic issue. So, if it’s hidden from view, it won’t harm your appearance, right? Wrong. Your teeth play an important role in maintaining the structure and health of your mouth. They offer each other support while also stimulating jaw bone growth. This delicate equilibrium is thrown off by even one missing tooth, and your remaining teeth begin to migrate into the gap. Furthermore, bone loss in the jaw near the lost tooth is possible. These alterations can alter your physical appearance and cause additional oral health problems.


  1. You are free to remove them.


Unlike permanent options such as dental implants, partial dentures can be removed at any time. This makes cleaning them and your mouth much easier. We can also adjust your partial denture over time to ensure that it fits comfortably at all stages of life.


  1. They help you regain your confidence and smile.


Partial dentures are one of the simplest and most cost-effective tooth replacement alternatives for recovering lost teeth and your smile and confidence. If you are missing teeth, our staff can assist you in determining your replacement alternatives so that you can look and feel your best while also safeguarding your dental health.


Am I an ideal candidate for a partial denture?


  • Active decay-free teeth
  • Active periodontal disease-free
  • Willingness to keep scheduled appointments
  • Willingness to look after a partial denture


While a partial denture may not be the best solution for everyone, it is a replacement alternative to consider when replacing missing teeth. A partial denture can transform a smile and the ability to enjoy food for people in good oral health and ready to spend time and care into a removable item. A consultation with an Edmonton dentist is recommended for those seeking this form of a prosthesis to determine if the patient’s oral health is adequate for support. Call us at 780-450-1639 to book an appointment.

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