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When it comes to your child’s primary teeth, there is no better time to practice good oral hygiene than now. With pediatric dental treatment, your child’s primary teeth are healthy and free of decay and other dental disorders. Oral hygiene should begin in childhood. Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you should start a dental hygiene routine as soon as feasible. Wipe down the gums with gauze or a soft, damp washcloth before any teeth erupt. Keep your teeth clean once they start to appear. This daily ritual requires the use of the appropriate tools. It is critical, for example, to get a toothbrush built exclusively for newborns, which will have a much smaller head to fit their little lips. Make sure your child receives their first dental visit by the time they become one to two years old if you haven’t already. Your Edmonton pediatric dentist will remove plaque build-up and food debris caught in your child’s teeth to maintain his teeth healthy. This is an important aspect of dental hygiene because it stops bacteria from multiplying and leading to other dental disorders (e.g. tooth decay or inflammation of the gum tissue). Make going to the pediatric dentist a joyful adventure that always results in some tooth-friendly reward.


Professional Care Tips


A pediatric dentist will give you professional advice on caring for your child’s teeth at home. The appropriate way to floss and brush your child’s teeth and additional information dependent on the health of your child’s teeth are common pieces of advice. Another common issue discussed is your child’s eating habits and what parents can do to assist in safeguarding their child’s teeth and gums. Parents should avoid foods high in sugar and carbohydrate as a general precaution. Furthermore, a youngster should never sleep while nursing or with juice or milk in their bottle. The initial teeth of your child are crucial. They are in critical developmental phases for your child’s future oral health. Edmonton children’s dentistry teaches parents how to care for their children’s teeth to grow up with good dental hygiene. Visit Southwood Dental to learn more about pediatric dental treatment.


What are the benefits of going to pediatric dentistry?


Going to your dentist in Edmonton is a widespread phobia among adults and children alike. Strange scents and alarming drill noises, combined with terrible past experiences, can cause enough fear for people to avoid necessary checkups. Forming a positive relationship with the dentist when your children are young is critical to their development. They should seek treatment from a dentist who specializes in treating patients like them.



Because your oral health is the doorway to your entire health, you must instill good dental hygiene in your children at an early age. It will be easier for children to maintain excellent habits as they get older if they start early.


By bringing your children to their checkups as soon as possible, they will understand what a pediatric dentist is and will be familiar with them. This can help kids overcome any dental anxieties they may have as they get older and urge them to take better care of their teeth. Begin at a young age to create great memories! Call Southwood Dental at 780-450-1639 to book your child’s dental appointment.

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